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Sigeli Tmax Review

A New Review from the Vapor Geeks! This time it’s the sigeli Tmax!



And your Sunday funny!



Tatroe Base Review

Tatroe Base Review

So we have another video up for you guys, This the Tatroe Base from It’s a amazing little base for all those “mod tippers” out there ( which I am horrid at this so, so it’s become a life saver!)So take a look, and Enjoy!

The Vapor Geeks 😀

Kamry KTS/China GG Ecig Mechanical Mod Review

Kamry KTS/China GG Ecig Mechanical Mod Review

A new review from VaporGeekBoy, It’s a very shiny and pretty mod this time! So take a look and let us know what you think!

Tatroe Tank Review

Happy Sunday Vapers! Today we have VGB reviewing the Tatroe Tank!

It’s a sexy little tank, and amazingly well made and currently only sold at or at there B&M! ( me and VBG live there some days, so if your close by you totally need to come in and check out there amazing selection and amazing staff!)

Let us know what you think!

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